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Are You Managing Technology or is Technology Managing You?

With the emergence of new technologies and the fast rate in which the world (in relation to technology) is changing, it is important to understand the role technology plays on your campus. Technology is incredible, but with a rise in topics such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and body hacking, technology can also become overwhelming, leading … continue reading

Does Purpose at Work Result in a Clean Restroom?

I was visiting a well known and well respected café in Palo Alto, California. I went to use the single stall restroom to find that it was in use. I waited patiently until the door opened and an employee of the café walked out. As she stepped out and held the door open for me, … continue reading

When You Change Your Perspective, Your Problems Change

When you have an issue at work – maybe an implementation didn’t go as planned, or a new system recently implemented isn’t as used or accepted as you originally hoped, or problem after problem keeps continuously seems to arise – it may be hard to have a positive view about yourself, your team, your job, … continue reading

If We All Only Ate Pizza

Can you imagine a world where we all dressed the same, acted the same, ate the same thing, and enjoyed the same activities? How boring. And how terrible that would be for society. If we all only enjoyed hamburgers and pizza – nobody could sell tacos or ice cream. If we all only enjoyed fishing … continue reading

Empathy in the Workplace

I’m writing this as I’m rocking my youngest child to sleep. It’s about an hour past the time I planned on going to bed. I’ve spent the last hour walking around my house, holding my 2 year old. Right about the time I was headed to bed, she woke up crying, unable to sleep due … continue reading

Leading With Your Heart

There’s a good chance you’ve experienced somebody’s energy rub off on you. When you’re around somebody who is very upbeat and positive, it more than likely puts you in a good mood. When you are around somebody who is complaining and being extremely negative, it is bound to rub off on you sooner or later. … continue reading

Lessons From Toilet Paper

I walked into the restroom at a nail salon the other day and the toilet paper roll on the holder was empty. There was a rack with several other rolls, and the top roll had clearly been used several times, as it was half gone. Although the toilet paper was being used, nobody had bothered … continue reading

Psychological Safety in the Workplace

According to Amy Edmondson, psychological safety is “a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking.” So what exactly does that mean? It means that individuals on a team feel as if they can be themselves. They feel they can ask questions. They can offer up suggestions. They can try new things. They … continue reading