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There’s a good chance you’ve experienced somebody’s energy rub off on you. When you’re around somebody who is very upbeat and positive, it more than likely puts you in a good mood. When you are around somebody who is complaining and being extremely negative, it is bound to rub off on you sooner or later. As a leader, your energies also rub off on your team. 

It is scientifically proven that the human heart emits an electromagnetic field, which sends signals to every cell of your body, affecting physical, mental, and emotional health and well being. The heart is an emotional conductor that radiates how you are feeling to every cell in your body, meaning negative emotions and feelings will start to negatively affect other parts of your body.

These electromagnetic fields can also interact with everything else that has electromagnetic qualities, including other people. It is said that the heart’s electromagnetic field can extend at least 5-15 feet in every direction, and is 5,000 times more powerful than the brain. Not only are our negative and positive emotions affecting us, they are being transmitted and felt by those around us. In a study done by HearthMath.org it was proven that it is possible for the magnetic signals radiated by the heart of one individual to influence the brain rhythms of another. This heart-rhythm synchronization is most likely to occur with those in which you work closely with, or live with.

If the heart is so powerful, and has the ability to emit energy that can be detected up to several feet away, then the heart is one of the most important components of leadership. While the human brain is important, and having wisdom and knowledge as a leader is beneficial – none of that matters without the heart. Leading your team is not only about verbal communication. It is not strictly about knowledge that you can impart to your team. There is also energetic communication happening between your heart and the hearts of those you are leading.

When you emit positive energy, your team WANTS to follow you. When you have a team that wants to follow you, and genuinely enjoys following you – it allows you to set clear expectations and a clear path for the team, so the entire team is moving in the same direction towards the same goal. When your team is on board and can feel your positive energy, it also enables your team to be more productive and creative. When there is constant complaining, minds are focused on the negative, rather than the present and future. Negativity prohibits creativity, and demotivates people. 

Energy is contagious and can be felt by those around us. If you want an energized team, that is motivated and cohesive, it starts with the leader. The leader must be the one to inject that positive energy in the team. 

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